Faith Formation Commission

Faith Formation Commission:  The Faith Formation Commission (FFC) is responsible for all faith activities in the parish.  These activities include: Religious Education (CCD), Youth Ministry, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), Holy Family School, Xavier High School and any other faith related activities. The FFC does not have total responsibility for the Holy Family School System or Xavier High School but there is one member on each of the school boards.  Meetings are held 6 times a year with the first meeting of the year held in June after the May elections.  There are 9 members elected from the parish who serve 3 year terms.  There are also 4 non-elected members that serve on the commission because of their position within the parish.


For more information please contact Sue Berger, Director of Religious Education at 319-362-8148 or via e-mail: [email protected].