SCRIP is a fundraising program for Holy Family Schools.

Instead of relying on families to become salespeople like other fundraising ideas do, families fundraising with scrip are raising money simply by changing their method of payment. They won't be spending extra time, energy, or money on your fundraiser. In fact, once it’s up and running, scrip fundraising is simply integrated into your everyday life. 

The only planning ahead you have to do is deciding what scrip you need to purchase, and even this revolves around your schedule. From taking on a home improvement project to planning a date night out to even just buying gas and groceries, you can order scrip beforehand and earn rebates every day!

Available for purchase after 4:00 PM Mass and between 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM Masses Sunday during the school year. 

Click here for a Scrip order form.

Please contact Paula Fries by clicking here to send an e-mail with any questions.