Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Mission of this ministry is to serve as an outreach for all in our church who enjoy knitting or crocheting; most especially those who are gifted with these talents who may not be able to participate in other ministries within the church. Reaching out to them, encircles them in an active ministry of their own. 

This ministry has a two-fold effect. It is a time to pray for others in need; a time to give freely of your God-given talents and to care for others. Recipients come to know that others care and hold them in their prayers. 

Our ministry reaches out to those in the church who want to learn to knit or crochet, thus embracing them into the circle of pray-ing and giving of themselves to others. 

The Mission of this ministry is...PRAYER.


Prayer Shawl Brochure


Interested in volunteering your time and talents?  Contact Sister Mary Frances Michalec at (319) 362-7282 or click here to send an e-mail.